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This is Natural Colour Cotton

Natural Colour Cotton is a naturally pigmented fibre that grows in shades of green, brown and beige.

The cotton plants are also hardy and naturally resistant to pests, eliminating the need for environmentally damaging pesticides and insecticides.

The whole process from planting to growing to spinning to ready made garments uses no dyes, toxic or harmful materials. It is 100% pure and natural. It is the most environmentally green product possible and creates a beautiful, breathable, pure fabric with a soft, delicate feel.

The natural colour is due to the plant’s inherent (non-modified) genetic properties. University of California and Bureau Veritas testing have shown that it compares favourably to white cotton fabrics in a study evaluating abrasion, resistance, dimensional stability and pilling resistance.

Organically grown Natural Colour Cotton provides

Environmental benefit:

Natural Colour Cotton is grown without harmful fertilisers or chemical pesticides which ensures environmentally sustainable production.

No dyes are added to the cotton which means no industrial sewage or pollution.

Our ethical labour policy ensures you can purchase our garments with a clear conscience.

Benefit to the wearer:

Natural Colour Cotton is luxuriously soft, due to no harsh chemical treatments.

No dyes in clothing next to your skin.

Due to the absence of dyes, this fabric is not irritable to sensitive or young skin.


Natural Colour Cotton ball

the purest fabric next to your skin

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