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Benchmark of Quality Assurance

China Natural Colour Cotton Group have invested over USD 100 million in Xinjiang and Gansu Provinces developing naturally grown colour cotton which can be seen in the film on our website «The Colour Cotton Story».

Natural Colour Cotton is a registered Trademark of CWC Textil Group. It assures highest quality and the observance of most rigid environmental standards. Where we supply yarn or fabric our customer will use our IP/swing tag on back neck labels. This confirms the authenticity of the product and that it complies with our high demand on quality:

Bureau Veritas, the world's leading specialist in textile testing, confirmed in the January 2006 issue of the «Childrenwear Buyer»:

«Natural Colour Cotton is cotton that isn't dyed but is actually coloured as it grows. One thing that we have found is that this organic cotton is stronger in terms of tearing, strength and is more resistant to abrasion.

This is probably due to the lack of processing that it goes through. There are distinct advantages in terms of the environment and for the child wearing it.»

Natural Colour Cotton is the benchmark of quality assurance for naturally pigmented cotton fibres that grow in shades of brown, green and beige.

As with all natural fibres shades will vary slightly from crop to crop. Natural Colour Cotton is unique because it will not fade, but actually may go a darker shade if washed with alkaline detergents.

Wash at 40º C, do not bleach and use colour safe detergents. The use of other products may affect the natural colour of the cotton.

The Award Winners!

Natural Colour Cotton – Winners of ”New Product of the Year”, at the Confederation of British Industry 2007.